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Train4YourBest Peyton Promise

Peyton’s Promise has grown into an organization with hundreds of volunteers and over 100 trained advocates working in their schools, and throughout their community, to organize food drives, raise awareness about the problem of hunger and distribute food to over 30 food pantries in Marathon County.  We are proud to partner with these amazing organizations in the fight against hunger.

Peyton’s Promise has 3 objectives:

1. To raise awareness about the problem of hunger.

2. To keep food pantries shelves full.

3. To fight childhood obesity.

Train 4 Your Best partners with Peyton’s Promise to conduct a “Soup Can Workout” throughout the DC Everest and Wausau School Districts. We want to help raise awareness and help families in need, while fighting childhood obesity with our workout.


How it works:

All the kids bring in soup cans that are later donated to Peyton’s Promise.

We use the soup cans to show the kids that exercise can be done anywhere at any time.

It is awesome to see all the students and teachers participating in our workout, they’re not only improving their health by exercising, they’re also helping others by donating.


For more information about Peyton’s Promise please visit:

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