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Corporate wellness

Our mission is to deliver the most scientifically proven health and wellness platform enabling employees to reach their individual potential while building a culture that is positive, educational and encouraging.

Musculoskeletal Disorder Claims in the Workplace

40% of all claims are musculoskeletal injuries (work comp claims), exceeding Heart Disease and Cancers.

Did You Know?

Nationally, employers spend up to $20 billion dollars a year on musculoskeletal work related injuries; five times that for indirect costs (hiring, training replacements, etc.).

Work Related Injuries at an All-time High!

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the U.S. account for more than 600,000 injuries and 34% of lost workdays.  Totaling 225 Billion CDC&P.

Insurance Costs on the Rise!

Between the years of 2017 & 2018, health care costs went up over 30%

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Train 4 Your Best provides the most scientifically proven Health and Wellness platform available for Corporations/Companies.  Our unique PREVENTATIVE approach to large health care costs is highly personal, innovative, and effective for both the employee and the employer.

Our clients experience increased: profit, productivity, morale, employee retention, reduction in loss work days, and decrease in health care costs.

We focus directly on the preventative side of a healthy lifestyle (otherwise known as "Health Plus".  Healthy Plus services are typically much less expensive than paying for a Health Care Cost that is Health Minus (ie. surgeries, medications, work comp. claims etc.). 

We believe there are 5 critical components that go into a healthy lifestyle: movement (exercise), nutrition, hydration, rest, and stress management.  We focus on each component, as one is not more important than the other one.  Each one must be focused on and mastered to live the best quality of life possible.


Individual Body Analysis and Programming

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 If the majority of one’s time is spent in the workplace, we need to physically function to the highest capacity in order to do what is needed for the long haul. The body analysis and consultation allow us to take a look in to your daily requirements and how your body is able to move to fulfill these requirements. Whether the goal is to reduce pain, move better or become more fit, Train 4 Your Best is here to help! Train 4 Your Best utilizes a unique and highly effective body analysis to identify strengths/weaknesses throughout the entire body in every plane of motion. The body works as one unit and that is how we analyze it! This analysis allows us to address any pain or weaknesses and is a guide to becoming a more efficient mover.

Corporate/Company Health and Wellness Challenges


Every company is unique with it's own culture. We aim to learn about each company's atmosphere and discuss how to improve health, motivation, team chemistry and more. Challenges come in many forms and are goal-oriented and creative, this is not your traditional "Weight Loss" challenge. 

1-on-1/Group Movement Recovery/Personal Training


Working 1-on-1 with a qualified trainer allows for constant movement assessment and

individualized care. We not only take the client through proper movement but also explain the “why” behind it. This allows each client to better understand how their body functions and what a workout should feel like.

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