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About Train 4 Your best

Our mission is to create an environment to reach your individual potential in human movement. Whether you are looking to be the next Olympic athlete, or just looking to live a better quality of life, Train 4 Your Best will get you to where you want to be.

We train in all 3 Planes of motion to match the 3D world we move in. Our team of certified movement experts assess each client, exposing and eliminating any weak points in their body. We use the application of Applied Functional Science, the most functional and comprehensive training program in the field. We leverage the human movement knowledge of a team of experts who consistently develop and enhance athletes and clients at every level. We believe everyone is an individual, so we customize each workout to challenge you against yourself. We build on your unique strengths and talents, provoking your highest potential. It’s nothing like you’ve ever tried before.

Train 4 Your Best believes that everyone is an athlete. We all move everyday overcoming the demands of daily life. With over 25 years of experience in elite training and coaching, we have been privileged to train and advise 1000’s of clients at every level of play – professional athlete to someone just looking to play with their grandchildren. We also work with those thriving to achieve personal health, recover from a nagging injury, or improve fitness and wellbeing. Our uniquely certified staff will help you achieve your goals in the safest environment possible.

Our promise is to give you our very best effort; and we simply ask that you promise yourself the same. At Train 4 Your Best you will never be judged and always be challenged with respect and encouragement. It would be our privilege to help you become your very best!






Joe Tofferi is the founder of Train 4 Your Best and his expertise has been in professional, college, and young athletes with strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, and body work. Joe is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist & a Fellow of Applied Functional Science.  He is also Certified in Functional Manual Reaction as well as 3D MAPS.


 Tofferi has almost 20 years of experience working with 1000's of Division 1 Athletes and NBA, as well as professional athletes in NFL, NHL, MLB, and many more.  Formerly Tofferi was the Director of Strength and Conditioning and Assistant Athletic Director at University of Detroit Mercy for 7 Years.  He also spend time as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Detroit Pistons.  Joe has an undergraduate and graduate degree in Exercise Science from Western Michigan University.  Previously he has also worked in the private sector helping I'Move develop Sports Performance in West Michigan.

Joe founded Train 4 Your Best to open a business where he could help each and everybody reach their potential by having the best movement professionals and body coaches under one roof.  Tofferi states: "I want Train 4 Your Best to be able to help as many people as possible with movement, exercise, pain, nutrition, rest, and any other factor that may come their way as it relates to health and performance.  We want to be the best in the game, and i think we are there!"

Train 4 your best

900 Grand Avenue, Suite B

Schofield, WI 54476

Tel: (715) 864- 3280

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